Typical situations in companies

  • Lots of money spent on strategy development.
  • Lots of .... analyses, reports and presentations.
  • Lots of .... training in “new” tools and awareness.
  • Lots of .... internal marketing.
  • Lots of .... boring reports- and whiteboard meetings with lack of energy and, perceived as waste of time.
  • Lots of Dash Boards.
  • Lots of .... management meetings where the dialog is focused at history and excuses.

......  does it work?

Strategy Execution and Execution Leadership

Value proposition: ResultPartner is a consulting company specialized in helping organizations to execute their strategies and plans faster and more successful.

We are not the ones who deliver the analysis and the strategy, but we are the ones who make the strategy live throughout the organization.
Were other consulting companies are good at many things, we focus on being excellent at one thing: Faster and more succesfull execution.
We are not working for you but together with you. With our methodology, senior management consultant experience and client specific processes, we have assisted client both national and international executing their strategies.


Together with our clients we have extensive experience in raising revenue and "boosting" sales. The sales strategy is transformed into concrete plans, activities, priorities and necessary structural changes are implemented. At the same performance leadership support are provided to make a significant boost in motivation and willingness to execute the activities.


Long and inefficient processes are mapped, new goals are set up, new processes are created through involvement across the organization. The will and motivation to execute is created. Performance leadership coaching are provided. Everyday life is changing rapidly for the better, at lower costs. 


Great targets and plans is only the beginning. Based on individuel needs, we support leaders and key-players with performance leadership coaching to engage the organisation to execute better.  Everybody loves to get the job done, if they are engaged the right way.

Please take a look at the cases

Concept and attitude

We believe that people learn to execute better as a combination of structure and individual coaching - not in a classroom.

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"Working with Lars and his team is an inspiration. Lars' high level of energy and fantastic communication skills ... "

Peter Broberg Schultz, VP Mastercard, Dubai

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