Strategy Execution

Do you find that your strategic development and results suffer from insufficient execution?

Fortunes are spent on developing the right strategies, but when it comes to executing the strategies, many companies fail.

A survey of top executives found that 44% believe their strategic plans have not been executed. In the same survey, 9 out of 10 indicate that the organization’s ability to quickly change tactics or direction has become more important than ever.

Strategy execution is basically about how strategic goals and plans are translated into action and results – faster and more successfully.

Many companies actually have good and elaborate strategic goals and plans, but many also have overly incomprehensible and imprecise strategies that are not operational for the organization.

What can be done differently? Based on customer tasks from home and abroad, Resultpartner has over the past 12 years developed an Execution concept, which in more than 25 countries, on 5 continents, has contributed to our customers’ results by increasing their execution power.

Questions that are relevant to raise and be handled includes:

  • Could we achieve better results if we were better at executing?
  • Are our plans clear enough to be translated into action?
  • Do our strategies provide a clear direction for the organization?
  • Are our plans understandable and operational?
  • Is our strategy too complex?
  • Is our strategy drowned in LEAN tools or complex frameworks?
  • Are we ready for a digital solution to manage our strategy and execution?

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