Execution Leadership

Do you think that your managers could be better at ensuring execution?

Execution leadership includes the process where a manager takes responsibility for bringing an organization’s strategy and vision to life by drawing up goals and plans and executing concrete actions and decisions. It’s about making things happen and achieving results.

Execution Leadership is about how managers involve their employees in increasing execution and thereby achieving better results.

Leaders with execution leadership skills understand the importance of and master involving employees in setting goals and making plans. These executives master relevant communication and have the ability to translate overall goals and strategies into concrete and operational goals and plans together with their employees.

Absolutely crucial for successful execution is the managers’ ability to support and coach the employees to action and progress, including developing the individual employee’s ambitions, self-confidence, courage and cooperation skills.

Issues that are relevant to raise and be handled include:

  • Are our leaders capable to facilitate good goals and plans together with the employees?
  • Do our managers hold frequent and motivating execution meetings with their employees?
  • Can our leaders coach for action and execution?
  • Can our managers develop the employees’ Execution competence?
  • Are our managers skilled enough to communicate our strategy?
  • Do our managers have sufficient focus on creating results?

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