Digitization of Strategy Execution

Do you find that your strategic goals and plans are incoherent and are in different systems and formats?

Microsoft’s Excel and PowerPoint are still the most used tools when companies need to document and operationalize their goals and strategic plans, even though these tools, as you know, are made for completely different purposes.

PowerPoint is of course suitable for presentation and communication of e.g. the company’s goals and strategies, and many find that Excel is suitable for structuring strategic goals and plans – but there are better solutions.

SEM Tools, Strategy Execution Management tools, have been developed with the aim of documenting, structuring, updating, monitoring and streamlining the company’s strategy execution.

Companies with well-developed understandable and operational strategic goals and plans can achieve significant efficiencies by digitizing their strategy execution.

Issues that are relevant to raise and be handled include:

  • Do we have a standard format for goals and plans that all departments use?
  • Can we consolidate results across the organization?
  • Do we spend a lot of time when plans and results need to be updated?
  • Do we often discuss whether our data is correct and up-to-date?
  • Do we make decisions based on real time data?
  • Can we monitor the development down to individual departments, managers or projects?
  • Are our strategic goals and plans understandable and measurable enough to be digitized?

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Experiences with digitization of strategy execution