Outstanding results!

“I have known and used Lars Møller and ResultPartner for many years. Both as my personal mentor and as business consultant. He and his company have supported me and the companies in achieving tremendous results.

The RACE Concept and outstanding psychological skills makes them very strong coaches and strong drivers for organizations, who wants to execute their strategies more successfully.
Lars and his team are crucial for all businesses that want to break with their traditional way of thinking and behaving – and make things happen!

We had identified a large number of strategic  areas, must-win-battles and LEAN- and costcutting initiatives, but we didn’t manage to execute them successfully enough – lots of analyses and plans were made, both by us and other consultants companies, but lack of execution prevented us in getting the results we wanted. The RACE Concept with a combination of ‘Coaching for Execution’ for all involved and a strong result oriented leadership- and management set-up made the difference for us!

ResultPartner assisted us with the RACE Concept over a period of 12 month at our ConvaTec Slovakia plant, and the whole organisation achieved outstanding results – and ResultPartner had a significant contribution in achieving these results.”

Niels Frost Nielsen · Plant Director at ConvaTec, Slovakia