Execution culture

Do you find it difficult to mobilize the organization towards better execution?

In an Execution culture, people are particularly focused on behavior and action – action that leads to results, of course. An execution culture encompasses a company’s approach and practices to achieve goals and execute strategies effectively. It is a culture where action and results are the focus and priority above everything else.

Execution is fundamentally a personal matter and in organizations with a strong Execution culture, the focus is on ambition, courage, responsibility, simplicity and persistence as the most important factors for success.

Effective methods and routines ensure that everyone gets what is planned and decisions are made quickly and efficiently, and managers and employees understand that sometimes a good decision is better than a perfect decision.

All employees are responsible for their tasks and results and strive to deliver their best work.

Companies with an execution culture emphasize continuous learning and improvement, and their employees are willing to experiment, take risks, and learn from their mistakes.

Progress and results are measured and evaluated regularly. Successes are celebrated and recognized, creating a culture of success and motivation to continue striving for better results.

Issues that are relevant to raise and be handled include:

  • Are we getting enough done?
  • Does everyone take responsibility for necessary actions?
  • Is our strategic ‘governance’ clear enough?
  • Is our strategy process and annual cycle integrated with execution?
  • Do we end up in resource discussions too often?
  • Are our follow-up meetings and routines effective enough?
  • Does ‘analysis’ too often lead to ‘paralysis’?
  • Could we be more courageous and persistent?

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