Topline development at WECO Travel International – 30% sales up in 10 months

Weco Travel International is a Danish owned travel company with offices in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. Weco Travel International was like many others affected by the decline in revenue during the financial crisis. Hardest hurt was the business travel segment and the management was aware that something must be done to increase the top line.

Working with ResultPartner, ambitious goal were developed by the local management and sales organization. A specific plan was developed to regain lost market share and lost sales. Plans for acquiring new customers, additional revenue from existing customers and an online sales channel were transformed concrete actions.

ResultPartner helped with the execution of the plans and the RACE®Concept was implemented and led to increase in sales effectiveness. In just 6 months, revenue was at a higher level than before the crisis and with a considerably higher gross margin.

Quote from the management report after four months:

Sales improvement:

  • New processes fully implemented
  • High speed of Sales Activities = fulfilled targets
  • Success in all segments Business Travel, MICE and Ferry