Commercial Excellence and 30 million Swedish kroner saved in just 4 month

Pågen is Sweden’s largest industral bakery with a sales of approx. 2 billion SEK and is market leader for fresh bread. Pågen distributes fresh bread daily to supermarkets, shops and public companies throughout Sweden. Sales Distribution is a substantial part of Pågens cost, and over the last year there was discontent amongst the sales staff regarding the terms and salary. ResultPartner developed with Pågens management and the union, a new salary model for sales people at Pågen which created satisfaction among the staff and also opened the possibility to implement a more efficient sales distribution.

ResultPartner prepared a Masterplan for a substantial reduction of cost at Pågen. Pågens management and employees implemented in collaboration with ResultPartner changes in work practices and organization, resulting in a saving of 30 million SEK with the same customer service while increasing satisfaction in the sales organization. The change was implemented in 4 months from idea to full implementation, including a new salary model, changes in organization, the adaptation of systems and implementing new sales.