Feared losing power

Interview with Nadja Fiodorova, Project manager at Unomedical, Minsk, Belarus. The project manager learned how to..

Work efficiency increased by 102 percent

Interview with Andrey Rutman, Production Manager at Unomedical, Minsk, Belarus. The anonymous production manager was..

Lukashenko paid a visit

Interview with Irina Molochko, Quality manager at Unomedical, Unomedical, Minsk in Belarus. Bureaucracy and inflexible..

Gained the courage to let go of the system

Interview with Yury Panov,  Logistics Manager at Unomedical, Minsk, Belarus. The logistics manager had for many..

The group’s black sheep became a prime example

Interview with Helle Høst-Madsen, Plant manager at Unomedical, Minsk, Belarus. Conventional old communist thinking stood..

Sold 50 percent more than planned

Interview med Morten Bach, Marketing manager at Alm. Brand Insurance and Pension, Randers. It is..

Workflows were turned upside down

Interview with Lars Lind, Marketing manager at Alm. Brand Insurance and Pension, Glostrup and Elsinorer...

Sales increased by 21 percent

Interview with Carsten Rothmann, Sales development manager at Alm. Brand. Lack of ambition and a..

Sales increased by 35 percent

Interview with Peter Grønlund, Chairman and CEO at Weco Travel International A/S. Two managers were..

When the manager is in the way

Interview with Peter Pribl, CEO at Weco Travel International, Czech Republic. Market conditions were difficult...