A succesful acquisition

One year after SWEDSPAN Sweden was bought by IKEA Industrial Group the management team was changed and almost everyone had new positions. Huge investments has been carried out in the production facilities. The challange was to make a turnaround and make profit, create a winning culture and a executive management team.

Testimonial after 6 month proces:

  • We have the right focus and the right goals. (Clear direction)
  • We are better in team work.
  • We are more ambitious. (Shown in the Results created)
  • The management team express that “We are in driver’s seat”
  • We are more experienced management team and better in executing.
  • We are more creative in finding solutions.
  • We have an increase in our self confidence.
  • We have the will to come back on track because we believe in it.

Final results after 12 month:

  • Increase in NOP +16%
  • Increase in utilization + 11%
  • Lowering manufacturing costs – 6 %
  • Increase in Delivery Performance from 88% to 98%
  • Turn ROCE from negative (for 4 years) into + 4
  • An ambitious and executive management team ready for the future.