New book on Strategy Execution - based on cases

History repeats itself. Fortunes are used for analysis, discussion and documentation when the strategy work is going on. Plans are put into presentations. Meetings in the cantine for all employees. Banners with slogans, caps and badges distributed in generous quantities to get the new strategy in place in the company. But does it work?

Surveys of top executives shows time and again that managements feel that the strategic work fails during execution. A McKinsey study shows that 44% believe that their strategic plans were not executed. In the same study indicates 9 out of 10 on the organization's ability to quickly change tactics or direction has become more important.

In the book "Strategy Execution" describes 12 leaders from danish and global companies, in own words, how they have taken part in the change process, it is to execute a new strategy, and what results they have achieved.

The leaders had to change themselves and their organization to succeed with its ambitious strategies and to prevent the strategy process not only became "this month" campaign.

The book is a practical book with instructions on how to organize a successful strategy execution - even under difficult conditions.

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