The Execution Model

Factors that stimulates the power of execution.

Strategy got you on the playing field - execution brings the profits

We see ourselves as the competence and extra power that is often needed when complicated plans must be executed to achieve ambitious goals. Down the road toward the goals we increases managers' executive power and level of execution - We get them to do more of the right activities and support they individually with Performance Leadership Coaching. We believe that managers' ability to execute is the most important skill in the coming years, and they must learn the execution in their daily work - execution can not be learned in a training course. Therefore, no use of 'classroom training', no 'baby blankets' in form of amazing tools, no shattered illusions that the right attitudes and skills deliver the results by itself. At ResultPartner we most often uses, the methods, concepts and tools that our customers have already bought but 'just not used or implemented yet'.

We have a humble and pragmatic approach to change. We don't underestimate good thinking, but if it doesn't lead to action, it doesn't matter. We believe that doing makes the world move.

The ResultPartner toolbox  includes primarily tools approaches strategy execution: Execution Model and RACE ® Concept. RACE ® Concept is a proven and patented method for use by execution of strategies. The method has successfully been used in several different countries and cultures and have produced remarkable results for our clients. RACE ® Concept is available in 6 languages: Danish, English, Czech, German, Spanish and Russian.


The strategy is transformed into precise goals and activities. Supported with Performance Leadership Coaching the execution is carried out and we love to celebrate the results.

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"Working with Lars and his team is an inspiration. Lars' high level of energy and fantastic communication skills ... "

Peter Broberg Schultz, VP Mastercard, Dubai

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