A real low performer was transformed into number one plant

The plant director at Unomedical in Minsk, Belarus suggests RACE ® Concept as "a strong management and leadership tool."

"Frankly I am surprised how well it worked. It is impressive that we in less than one year have brought it so far", says Plant Manager Helle Høst-Madsen from the Unomedical plant in Belarus that was 'the black sheep' of the group some years ago.

Everybody in the group said about the plant: "nothing seems to be possible in Minsk".

Now it is the "best performing" plant in the group among the 13 plants around the world. The plant has been highlighted as a model factory, both internally within the group and among plants in Belarus in general.

  • The effeciency was increased 102%.
  • Scrap was reduced from 7.0% to 1.7%.
  • Projects ex. R&D and Supply management project, was much faster implemented.
  • Resistance for change reduced dramatically.
  • From “Can’t do” to “will do” attitude.
  • Spending/cost reduced with 1 million USD in one year.
  • Delivery performance increased from 82.0 % to 99.3 %
  • Waste level reduced from 8.7 % to 2.9 %